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Summer Goal

I have been doing WW on and off since last November.  With that (mostly) and some other diets, I am down 23 pounds. 

By the time school starts (Aug 13th) I am hoping to be down to my halfway point- 30 pounds.  Between now and then I have trip to Chattanooga to see my bff, Chelsea, a cruise, a cheerleading camp to coach, the Irish Picnic (which is a fundraiser for the school I teach at, they cook thousands and thousands of pounds of BBQ and there is a whole lot of drinking), and a cookie dough fundraiser delivery.  Just your every day obstacles to hurdle.

Here is how I am going to do it:
  • Track WW Points Daily
  • Zumba 2+ times a week (since it have been in the upper 90's-100's the past week or two, I have not gone running outside, I am saving that for the fall)
  • Lots more fruits and veggies, which are zero points on WW
  • Bigger lunches later in the day
  • Smaller dinners
  • Drink a whole lot of water

If I make this goal, I am going to purchase what I have in my shopping cart at Swell Caroline.  This lovely necklace and bracelet is what I currently have in it.  Pretty good incentive :)

Eat Your Heart Out Summary

So, this is truly "Satan's Diet."  It was really hard.  I followed the program for the first 3 days and never lost more than the first 4 pounds I dropped the first day when I ate only fruit.  I became totally discouraged and went back to tracking WW points.  But I can say that I have not gained any of the four pounds back.

So, I am kind of a wimp for not finishing.  Oh well.

Satan's Diet-1


Day 1: Eat Your Heart Out

I finished day 1 of "Satan's Diet" or the Eat Your Heart Out Diet. Yesterday I ate nothing but fruit.  You can have as much as you want.  It was pretty easy until it got around dinner time when I wanted some hot food!  I did cheat just a little and had a few pieces of steamed broccoli when I was really craving something other than the sweet fruit. Other than that I stuck to it.  I pretty much snacked all day. 

Drum roll please ...................................
I lost 4 pounds! 
Which is really unreal.  It felt great to eat fresh all day.  

Now, today is veggie day! We have zucchini chips baking in the oven right now.  I can't wait to try them.


Eat Your Heart Out.

I am so excited that I am going to be cruising to the Bahamas in 19 days!  And to make sure I look ahhh-mazing on the boat, I have decided to try this seven day "diet" or "cleanse" that has been all over Pinterest.  After reading through it, it seems like a relatively healthy cleanse compared to some that I have seen.

If you haven't seen it, here it it is...
You can click on it to go to the original blog post about it.  This woman's blog has been blowing up since it has hit Pinterest and she has added a FAQ section that answered a lot of my questions.  Now I plan on following it pretty closely.  However, day 5- you will not see me eating tomatoes.  I have decided to go with a natural tomato soup.

This diet aka "Satan's Diet" say lose 10+ pounds in a week....Now I am a little skeptical of that.  Am I going to gain it all right back when I stop?  I think it might push me in the right direction to incorporating more fruits and veggies into my daily diet.

After all, this is honestly a healthier weeks worth of food than I have been eating.  My doctor is in the process of switching me from two different medicines and I have felt nothing but nauseous and awful.  I have had crackers and a bowl of soup about once a day for the past 3 days.  So eating fresh veggies and fruit for a couple of days seems kind of refreshing.

I will keep yall updated on my progress and what exactly I am eating each day!  



So since my awesome 3lb weight loss two weeks ago, I feel like I have plateaued.  The numbers on the scale are not budging.  I am wondering if I should be going back to weight watchers.  Blah.  It is so frustrating. 

I have been using the Couch to 5K training app on my phone and I love it.  I am eating 1,200 calories a day and I am on the 3rd week of the 5K training which ends up to be about 2-2.5 miles/running and walking about 4 days a week.

So, what am I doing wrong!?!?

This is what I am going to try and see if it works any...
Don't eat 3 hours before bed (Something Dr. Oz said...)
Continue the Couch to 5K
Ab Ripper X Routine from P90X
Keep up the 1,200 calories
Eight glasses of water a day.

Any suggestions are welcome!!

Here is a link to the 300 Ultimate Ab Workout :)