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Hearts & Darts July 20, 2012

My great friend Chelsea always posts "Hearts & Darts" for each week.  Hearts are the good things and Darts are the not so good things that happened during your week.  I am trying to get back to blogging after vacation and being pretty busy at work and I am going to try to do this weekly like she does!

Week of July 20, 2012


I finally upgraded from my old MacBook to a shiny, new MacBook Pro.  I love it.  And it is not held together with duck tape! Apple is awesome and they offer a teacher discount.  So with my discount, I saved $100 and get a $100 gift card.  I think I am going to buy a docking station or speakers for my classroom so I can keep all my music on iTunes instead of CDs and get rid of the huge boom box I am currently using.

I am headed to Knoxville for the weekend!  I am getting to see some really great friends and have a girls weekend before I get super busy with work, coaching cheerleading, and the GRE.


I am in the process of studying for my GRE.  I am so nervous about taking the test two weeks from today.  I am studying vocab and math and seem like I am getting no where.  If any of you readers have any tips I would love to hear them!