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Summer Goal

I have been doing WW on and off since last November.  With that (mostly) and some other diets, I am down 23 pounds. 

By the time school starts (Aug 13th) I am hoping to be down to my halfway point- 30 pounds.  Between now and then I have trip to Chattanooga to see my bff, Chelsea, a cruise, a cheerleading camp to coach, the Irish Picnic (which is a fundraiser for the school I teach at, they cook thousands and thousands of pounds of BBQ and there is a whole lot of drinking), and a cookie dough fundraiser delivery.  Just your every day obstacles to hurdle.

Here is how I am going to do it:
  • Track WW Points Daily
  • Zumba 2+ times a week (since it have been in the upper 90's-100's the past week or two, I have not gone running outside, I am saving that for the fall)
  • Lots more fruits and veggies, which are zero points on WW
  • Bigger lunches later in the day
  • Smaller dinners
  • Drink a whole lot of water

If I make this goal, I am going to purchase what I have in my shopping cart at Swell Caroline.  This lovely necklace and bracelet is what I currently have in it.  Pretty good incentive :)


  1. We should eat at Taco Mama! I don't know if you have had their chopped salad but it's delicious. The only things that would be points (and not a lot) are the tortilla strips, jimica, and dressing which is a honey lime vin.

  2. CONGRATS on your weightloss! I am also trying to lose weight on WW and I took over a week off but your post reminded me to get back at it.

  3. I love Zumba!! I've been trying to do it 2-3 times a week this summer, too. Best of luck with the rest of your weight loss. The bracelet and necklace are both gorgeous.


  4. Definitely good incentive. Last summer I lost 10 lbs, and now I am at a weight I can be proud of. Over the summer, I try to eat small meals. When I get hungry, I eat fruit/something healthy. If you eat something every 2 hours, you have less incentive to snack on junk food. Cooking also helps a lot, because then you see everything that is going into your food.

  5. Zumba is fun as well. I try to jog everyday, but the heat is a bit much.
    And I just started following you. Follow me back if you like my blog!

  6. Just came across your blog, love it! And the necklace and bracelet is absolutely adorable. would love to follow each other on here as well as on bloglovin!

  7. Love your blog! come take a look at mine! I just followed yours!

  8. In LOVE with that tortoise necklace! I might have a tortoise obsession! haha


Thanks for the lovely comments! xo, Ashley