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My new life.

Blog Challenge # 2 
How has your life changed in the past year?

So much has changed in my life since last March.  It is overwhelming to even think about it.  I hope this gets you caught up on my life :)

Last March I was making my way through my last semester of college.  I student taught at two different schools in Chattanooga and loved both.  A highlight of my last semester was my senior spring break.  This was when 24 of my fellow pledge sisters sailed away on a cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico.  It was the best trip I have ever been on.  So much fun and I have memories to last a lifetime.

After spring break, I was in major senior slide mode.  I was ready to graduate...just not ready to leave my sorority and Chattanooga.  I knew as soon as May hit there would no longer be so many things I loved to do...

No more karaoke at Sing It or Wing It....
No more dressing up like crazy people for frat parties...
No more beer-lympics and just dance marathons at Treemont...
As my weekends full of friends, parties, and fun were getting fewer and fewer, so was my time in my sorority.  Sigma Kappa has been a part of my life since freshman year and it was drawing to a close.  Something I put so much time, effort, and energy into would soon have to be handed down to younger pledge classes to take care of.  I think this was the hardest part for me.  After all, college for me was way more that classes and a degree.  It was the bond I was fortunate enough to form with my sisters who will remain life long friends.

My last Sigma Kappa Chapter meeting as an active member...
Of course there were plenty of tears shed and we dressed up in everything purple and pink we could find to show our SK spirit...

On my 22nd birthday, I became a Sigma Kappa Alumna.  I have never been more proud to be a part of an organization.  Here is Order of the Triangle at the beloved Patten Chapel...
Although we were no longer active members of Sigma Kappa, we had to follow one last tradition.  Senior Pub Crawl...This picture sums up our night.

Now that I was finished with my duties in the sorority, I turned my attention to walking across that stage.  What four years lead up to..A piece of paper.  Graduation Day was a blur.  Family and friends came from far and wide to help celebrate my achievements.  This day was totally sweet without a hint of bitter.  Finally, I had made it.

A few weeks after graduation I moved home to Nashville.  Bye bye Chattanooga.  Now this was tough.  I went from living on my own for four years to living in my childhood house with my mom.  My summer was quite boring.  It was full of long days at my summer job, and hours spent at the computer searching and applying for jobs.  I was having no luck with the job hunt.  Metro was hiring from within the system and I thought I would never have my own classroom.  Until that fateful Saturday night in early August.  

As I was laying on the couch, my phone rang. An unknown number....I never answer those. Except this one time.  I answered the phone and it was the principal at St. Patrick's Catholic School in McEwen, TN.  Was this real life?  She asked if I would come in the next day (a Sunday) for an interview.  Holy cow. An interview!? At St. Patrick's!? This is the school generations of my family have attended.  My mom went here. My grandmother went here. Aunts, uncles, and cousins went here.  It was my dream school to teach at. So I packed up and headed to the country.  My mom and I went to mass and I met the principal afterwards.  Long story short, I was hired that Sunday and started the next day.  Whirlwind but okay with me.  I had a job.  I moved in with my grandmother and grandfather and began working as a pre-k teacher here in McEwen.  I love it. I am very happy here but man has my world changed in one year.  I went from living in Chattanooga to living on a farm in the middle of nowhere.  Seriously my new town doesn't even have a red light.  

My world has changed greatly.  I am now an official big girl with a salary and everything! Loving life so far :)

Stay tuned for lots of picture of my new town and classroom!


  1. Good lord Ashley.. thanks for that good cry :( I miss Chattanooga so badly... It's bittersweet starting your life as a 'big girl'!!!!

  2. P.S. I tagged you in my latest post :)

  3. just found your blog & this post made me SOOO super excited because i'm a sigma kappa too!! :):) i'm in my last semester right now & the thought of leaving my college town & sorority sisters is really starting to freak me out ahhhh!

  4. Um yeah. tearing up and feeling nostalgic. I miss everyone so much :(


Thanks for the lovely comments! xo, Ashley