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Hi. My Name is Ashley...

Today I came to realize I have an addiction.  It was an eye-opening experience.  I am here to admit:

I am a monogram-aholic.

I don't know what lead me to this.  I can only blame my southern roots.  And perhaps being in a sorority.  But I am happy that I can accept and have come to terms with this.  Let me fill you in on what lead me to this realization. . .

Today was any normal day.  I woke up, drove my car (which has a monogrammed decal on the back) to work, and taught my sweet little pre-k class.  Finally it came to the part of the day where I could finally sit down at my desk- nap time. Oh sweet, sweet, nap time.  How I love you.  This is the time of the day when I basically get my "break."  Unlike other jobs you don't get a 30 minute break for every 8 hours you work.  So I use nap time as my "break." So I decided to peruse through some of my favorite girl's blogs.  And I stumbled upon The Life of EmCain a blog of one of my sweet Sigma Sisters.  After reading a few of her posts I found one that lead my heart to race and palms to sweat.  It was about a monogrammed phone case that she had ordered.  So, I followed the link and naturally ordered one for myself.  After that I browsed the website, made a wishlist that came to around $400, and then hopped over to pinterest and searched "monogram."  I stared at my computer flipping through pages of  monogrammed purses, monogrammed hats, monogrammed jewelry, monogrammed plates, monogrammed cups, page after page of glorious monograms.  It wasn't until the intercom blared on an hour later that I snapped back to reality.  Man, I have a slight obsession with this, I thought.  As I looked around, I saw proof before my eyes that this was true.  Sitting on my desk were the following:

  • monogrammed koozie holding my diet coke
  • Pandora bracelet with my monogram
  • my monogrammed lanyard holding keys and my whistle
  • monogrammed LLB canvas tote
  • monogrammed Tervis Tumbler
Five. Five monogrammed items within 3 feet of my body at work.  Not to mention the monogrammed desktop background on my computer.  I saw all of these things after shelling out a hefty amount (without hesitation) for a monogrammed otterbox iPhone case.  It was then that I came to terms with the fact that I am slightly obsessed with monogramming anything not nailed down.  And whats so bad about that?  Monogram on my friends! It makes the world a prettier place!

My New Monogrammed iPhone Case
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  1. you will LOVE yours! I'm addicted to mine :)


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