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Tuesday Ramblings

What is on my mind today.........

Okay, everyone I know is seriously getting engaged! There is something in the water. I guess I need to be patient and trust in His timing that I too, one day, will find that special someone.  I told my best friend that I couldn't wait for the day I was able to call her and tell her "I am engaged!"  She said "Me neither! Hurry up!" Hahah I guess God is teaching me to be patient in MANY ways.

Also, this weather is BEAUTIFUL! Holy moly. I just want to go outside! The first day of spring and we have a high of 86!?!? Okay, I'll take it!

Tonight I have a Zumba class....But I really feel like going home and take a nap instead.  I am exhausted.  I haven't slept well in the last 3 nights.  My brain refuses to turn off. Grrrrr. So, to Zumba or not to Zumba? That is the question.

I am teaching a Safari unit to my class.  They are loving it.  This is why I teach.  To see them so excited to learn.

Maybe a little more blogging later about my spring break (which included a new car, St. Patty's Day, Chattanooga, and a Bachelorette party).

OH! My monogrammed otter box phone case is supposed to arrive on Thursday! Yay!

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