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Sarah Palin's Alaska..Latest Episode

Okay, I have a whole new appreciation for Sarah Palin.  I saw her show for the first time tonight and loved it.  It reminded me a lot of my family.  Well, in this episode Sarah and her kids invited Kate Gosselin to go camping in Alaska.  Long story short, Kate bitched the entire time.  Her kids were loving it and she was there being a growly bear the whole time.  Here she is surrounded by breathtaking Alaska and she couldn't even appreciate it.  After being given a moose hot dog for dinner she even started CRYING.  Are you serious lady, get real.  Here you are able to be out with your kids in beautiful Alaska and you won't even make an effort to enjoy it.  I would give ANYTHING (almost) to go camping in Alaska especially with Sarah Palin! Stop being such a spoiled brat and at least try to act like you are having a good time.  I know I am diva, but I still love stuff like spending time with my family camping.  So seriously Kate, suck it up and stop whining. 

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