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Give It Up

Skinny Bitch Chapter One: Give It Up
This chapter is about giving up your bad vices and turning that fat ass into a fine ass.  As Rory and Kim said, "You cannot keep eating the same shit and expect to get skinny."  Here is what they say about all of the things we all love to hate:
  • "Soda is liquid Satan."
  • Cokes cause bone loss.
  • Diet Coke contains aspartame that has components that turns into formaldehyde...Yeah, the stuff that they pump into dead people to preserve their bodies.  YUMMY!  It also slows down the production of serotonin (the stuff in your brain that makes you happy).  So it makes you fat and unhappy.
  • It is bad.  
  • It is highly acidic.  You body produces fat cells to keep acid away from your organs.  So coffee = fat cells.
  • Drink organic herbal tea instead.
  • Use fresh squeezed juice to jump start yourself in the morning.
Junk Food
  •  Junk foods have enough chemicals and preservatives to "put hair on you chest."
  • If you think the food is chemical and preservative free, think again...It is even in some packaging and the FDA does not require manufactures to notify the consumer about this.  So your healthy pretzels could be contaminated by the bag they are in.  So your junk food with a shelf life of 22 years could outlive any fat ass.  Woohoo!
  • "Fat free" or "Low fat" really means chemical shit storm.

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