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Weekend Catch Up

It is about time I catch yall up with what has been going on with me!  It has been a very busy past couple of days.  Good, but busy.

Well, I had 3 cousins graduate college and we all came back to my grandmother's house to celebrate!  What a party that was!  I am thinking there were about 20 people in our house on Saturday.  The more the merrier!

Here is a picture of all of my cousins (we are missing my little sister who wasn't able to make it).

Me, Jeremy, Mary, Kristen, Tanya, and Josh
Later that night, we all went out to a local bar.  My cousins, aunts, and uncles.  That was a first for me (a bar with my family) but we had a blast!  When I hear this song, I will forever think of that night...

I can't believe I graduated a year ago! And now I am almost done with my first year of teaching...if only I can survive this last week.  I'm not sure I can.

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