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My Weekend in Instagrams

This weekend, I traveled to Jackson, TN for my best friend's wedding.  You can find her blog here- The Life and Whereabouts of Chelsea.  Here is my weekend via Instagram :)

My go to comfy shoes. Love them!
Painting I did that Chelsea had put in front of the church.
Melissa, me, and Sue out at the Jackson Tavern after the rehearsal dinner.

Bridesmaid dress hanging on my gift from the Bride.
Breakfast in bed the morning of the wedding!

Takes a lot to get ready for a wedding!
Chelsea's bouquet.  It has a piece of her Sigma Kappa initiation dress wrapped around it and she used my badge as her "something borrowed." I am most definitely doing this when I get married!
Myself and the beautiful bride. I love her to death!
Probably my favorite picture from the day.
All of my sisters! Sisterhood lasts forever <3

It was such a wonderful weekend.  I can't wait to share some more pictures our wonderful photogropher took!

Happy Monday, yall!

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