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Getting Back Into The Swing...

I started my weight loss/become healthy journey last October.  Since then I have lost and kept of 20 pounds.  It may not seem like a lot considering it has been 5 months but I have Hashimoto's Disease which causes hypothyroidism.  (Basically it makes me have no energy and gain weight...that means it is very difficult to lose any.) Insert pity party here.  And since my life has been so crazy busy lately, I haven't been exactly sticking to my plan.

But starting today, I am going full force at this thing.  I am hoping to lose 6 pounds by Chelsea's Bachelorette Party in Chattanooga on the 17th.  This gives me roughly 15 days to get my ass in gear. 

My Plan:

  1. Stick to my weight watcher daily points.
  2. ZUMBA! 
  3. Walking..since the weather is getting so nice.
I will keep yall updated on how I am doing towards my 6 pounds in 15 days goal.  Now, if I could only keep myself motivated.

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