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Blog Challenge: Day 1 Weird Thing I Do When I Am Alone

It is not often that I am seriously all alone, but I do enjoy that time.  Some things that I can think of that I do that may seem strange to some people:

  1. Pants and bra come off immediately.  I normally just have on a t-shirt when I am alone.  I hate it when someone comes home and I have to put them back on.
  2. When I am alone in the car, I sing.  I usually pretend that I am singing karaoke and people in the audience are amazed at my pure skill.  (Note: I love karaoke, but I am not really that skilled.)
  3. Talk to my cat. Who doesn't have conversations with their pets when they are alone?  One good thing is that my cat will respond.  I just pretend that whatever he is saying, he is agreeing with me.
  4. I weigh myself.  I hate weighing myself around people.  And I find that you get better scale results when your just wearing a t-shirt.  So, naturally I do think when I am alone with my pants off. 
  5. I make up Zumba routines to songs that come in my iPod.

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  1. Hahaha definitely agree with your number one! I walk around in just a t-shirt ALL the time!


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