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So What Wednesday!

  • So what if just at a honey bun for my's my birthday!
  • So what if I am going to have pre-made margaritas at home with my grandmother on my 23rd birthday night...I have plans for a big birthday weekend!
  • So what if I spent $125 at a monogram party two days was for a good cause :)
  • So what if I didn't shave my legs today!
What are you saying So What to!?


  1. Margaritas with G-ma? Yes please! Happy Birthday too!

  2. Happy birthday girl! Holla at some pre-made margaritas! OMGG why don't they have monogram parties around here, i'd drop $125 too lol. And leg shaving is overrated... well unless a skirt or dress (or boy!) is involved :)

  3. Virtual hand slap for spending that much money on monogrammed stuff!! It better be for a good cause.

    Happy birthday love!

    1. I'll hold my hand out. Hahah It was for the Imagination Library!

  4. I wish there were monogrammed parties here!! I'm jealous!!

    Happy birthday!!


Thanks for the lovely comments! xo, Ashley