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So, it's lunch time and I have given my class silent lunch.  I had no idea that a bunch of 5 year old could be such terrors.  Don't get me wrong, I love these kids to death, but today they have been out of control.  We have 24 individual tubs of manipulatives and while I was doing small group math, the half allowed to play with them decided to dump each and every container into a huge pile onto the carpet.  They didn't stop there.  They mixed them up, threw them across the classroom, and walked all over them (breaking a lot of them).  It took them 35 minutes to clean and sort them all back into the right tubs.  I love my job but today has been awful.  It doesn't help that I am PMS-ing, and dieting.  I'm drinking a slim fast milkshake when all  really want is some chili cheese fries and chicken tenders from sonic. LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!!

 I googled "growly bear" and this is what I found.  I call people who are in bad moods growly bears....if you didn't know.


  1. We can thank Ms. Sheri Sadler for that phrase. Steven and Cody might be the original Growly Bear species...

  2. I know the feeling! I hope your day gets better!!

  3. I know. I googled growly bear and was expecting theirs and Zack's picture to show up!


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