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Sometimes I find things that I love and want to remember.  Here are a few of these things.

This picture reminds me of my sister and I.  I always love to find pictures of little girls with blond and brown hair...Just like we had when we were little.

I got the movie Casablanca for Christmas this year.  I forgot how much I absolutely love it.  I love this frame from the movie.  It is at the end when Ilsa has to decide whether to stay or go.  I always get a little teary eyed.  So good, it is a classic.

I must, must, must throw a party like this once in my life.  A garden party with chandeliers hanging from trees...Umm, hello. Can anything be more perfect and whimsical than this?

And finally, I love these vintage ornaments.  I know Christmas is over but you can still enjoy some fabulous decorations.  I am a nut for anything vintage and these quickly caught my eye.

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