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I can never fall asleep early.  I think I am getting my days and nights mixed up.  So, while laying in bed staring at the ceiling, I decided to make this blog! A few of my friends have them and they are cute so I thought I would make one too.  I really don't care if anyone even reads it...Just though it would be a good place to express myself!

I am trying to think about ways to fall asleep.  I have had many suggestions through the years.  Once somebody told me to focus on one body part, starting at my feet, and make it fall asleep.  I do this sometimes.  Usually, I get bored and will eventually fall asleep.  My go to method is praying the rosary.  I know-praying makes me fall asleep...Sounds kind of bad.  But it does.  If you have never prayed the rosary, it is very repetitive.  I think the repetitions put me to sleep.  Lately, I have been watching episodes of The Office that I have seen probably 10 times.  I think having something on in the background that I don't have to watch because I have seen it so many times helps me fall asleep.  I think that is what I am going to do tonight.

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