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Growly Bear

Today was my very last day of classes ever as an undergraduate student.  I am so thrilled about this.  I only have 3 more exams until I am done for the semester and can go home for Christmas break.  Even though I am so incredibly excited about this, I think I am a little burnt out resulting in my not so good mood.  People may say "Why are you burnt out? I clearly did way more then you this semester." But I feel like it has been a very emotional semester.  I don't think I have ever been more stressed about my family than I was this semester.  And I had stupid Praxis II exams to take to become a licensed teacher.  To top it all off, I took 20 hours this semester.  I really don't feel like complaining anymore I just had to get that out.  Sorry world for my bad mood.  I think everyone is entitled to one every now and then.

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